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درباره ما

It is our pleasure to introduce ourselves as an international team of European educated lawyers, accountants, case workers, etc. Our mother company PARSLANDIC UNITED LTD in the UAE brought us the experience, knowledge and of course immaculate international network of professionals we required; to fulfil our duties in the Middle Eastern market. Our international network consists of several joint-venture/ partnership service providers and law firms in 3 continents.

PLUCO GROUP TEAM area of expertise:

1-     International corporate law

2-     International banking law

3-     Private sector FDI (UAE, Caribbean, Iran, Turkey, Malaysia, Poland) 

4-     Annual corporate auditing & accounts (UAE, Malaysia, Turkey, IRAN, POLAND)

5-     Designing and tailoring International partnership / joint venture contracts

6-     Immigration law

7-     European funds (Only Republic of Poland)

8-     International Market research and Business Blue print publications ( limited jurisdictions)

9-     Cultural and artistic exchange

10-  B2B

11-  International Professional aid and advice

PLUCO GROUP NETWORK jurisdictions:

1-     UAE

2-     Caribbean

3-     Islamic Republic of Iran

4-      United Kingdom

5-     Germany

6-     Republic of Poland

7-     Malaysia

8-     Turkey

9-     Nepal